Warranty and Support

Brusheva products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and offer quality performance, ease of use and ease of installation. If you encounter any difficulty in using the product, we recommend that you consult the user manual first.

In case of product failure. If you notify us of a defect in the product within the warranty period, Brusheva will arrange for you to have the Brusheva product repaired free of charge, provided the product has been used in accordance with the Owner's Manual (eg in the intended environment). For some product categories, Brusheva's partner companies are product guarantors or providers; please check the documentation accompanying your product purchase. All Brusheva personal care products come with a 12-month warranty.

To qualify for worldwide warranty service, original proof of purchase of the product must be presented for verification. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase stated on the proof of purchase and ends when the warranty period expires. If you require service and your proof of purchase is lost, the warranty period shall be deemed to have commenced three months from the date of manufacture stated on the product or from which the serial number was derived. If you need product service, but cannot provide

If you want to provide the production date or serial number of the product, you need to provide a valid proof of purchase.

If repair is impossible or commercially impracticable, Brusheva may replace your device with the same model or a model with similar features; this may be new or refurbished. Brusheva reserves the final right to product exchange arrangements. After repairs, firmware upgrades or replacements, the warranty period continues on or from the date of original purchase.

The warranty does not cover consequential damages (including but not limited to loss of data or income), or claims for compensation for your own actions, such as scheduled maintenance, installing firmware updates, or saving or restoring data.

The warranty does not cover or apply to the following:

- Defective brush head

- Proof of purchase has been altered or illegible in any way.

- The model number, serial number or date of manufacture code on the product has been altered, deleted or illegible.

- Original proof of purchase from an unknown Brusheva authorized retailer (eg seller on an online auction platform).

- The product has been repaired or modified by unauthorized service agencies or persons.

- Product problems are the result of use beyond its intended purpose, or excessive use.

- Use the product for commercial purposes.

- Product defects are caused by misuse of the product or environmental conditions not in accordance with the User Manual or the purpose of the product.

- Product defects are caused by connection of equipment, additional equipment or accessories not recommended in the Owner's Manual.

- Damage to the device due to, including but not limited to, animals, electric shock, abnormal voltage, fire, natural disaster, transportation or water damage (unless the User Manual specifically states that the product can be washed).

- normal wear or replacement of consumables (such as vacuum bags or filters)

- The product does not work properly. This product was not originally designed, manufactured or approved for use in the country in which you use it. This may happen if you purchased this product from abroad.

- The product does not function properly due to problems accessing or connecting to the service provider.

If you have any questions about maintenance or other after-sales service, please call: +852 28398160 to check with your local authorized dealer. The hotline service hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).